Saturday, March 5, 2011

Argentina through - David out


After yesterday's drama and pain, David had a much better time at the Parque Roca today, celebrating Juan Ignacio Chela's & Eduardo Schwank's victory in the doubles, which grants Argentina a place in the quarterfinal of this year's Davis Cup (against either the Czech Republic or Kazakhstan but in any case at home).

But at the moment, the big question is of course - how badly is David injured after yesterday's match and what's going to happen now.
Argentine news site MundoD offers what might be some possible anwers. According to them, David has confirmed that he has suffered a muscular tear in his left adductor (very close to his hernia) and that this will keep him out of both Indian Wells and Miami.*
The decision about having hernia surgery will, also according to MundoD, be made in the next couple of days.

*Same info now in a new article by Olé.
And now also on Cancha Llena/La Nacion.
A new Clarin article includes a quote from David's spokesman Bernardo Ballero, who explains why the muscular tear caused David such pain.
"The tear itself is not important but what makes it special is that it's close to the inguinal sports hernia. That's why he felt a sharp pain."

Edit: It's all over the Argentine media now and I think I can say it's official.


  1. the post picture you used is just perfect. ou always keep the best picture for the post, and i always happen to like it.

  2. Thanks. :) Though often enough, it's pure coincidence, like with this one here.

  3. I think that if it's clear now that he can't play IW/Miami anyway then that's even more reason to have surgery now and maybe, with some luck, be back for Wimbledon or the US swing. Or DC QF...

  4. Yeah,I actually think that the pain from yesterday was not the hernia,but rather the adductor.I still hope tho that the layoff will only be 2 months.

  5. He said he felt pain in his other leg, the right one...
    And, I think, a lot of the pain came from the injection, the "infiltracion" (just in case because it's not a normal injection for the pain,is an injection in the zone that hurts, directly there and to work only there, with some kind of painkillers, way stronger than the normal, that left you without pain inmediately for a short amount of time to do a certain activity. It's not a normal shot, it's not even a treatement for pain... is used to let someone do something without pain. More closer to anaesthesia, but you feel the body part, you just don't feel pain. After the effects are gone, hurts like hell.) From experience and even asked about it friends, such amount of pain probably came first from the injection that I talked about, when the effects were gone and then from the tear. both combined. It's what I said before, the time that shot works is very limited, and depends on what they gave you, but still it doesn't have a longer effect. Soccer players often gets another shot in the middle time because they start to feel pain again. And the first period of the match is 45 minutes. Also depends the body zone you're hurt.
    According to several reports in this case, the pain came back in the first set and got worse and inmediately started to hurt in other places too..
    I just hope David gets the surgery he needs. when the sports hernia starts to hurt there's no other solution.

  6. I think it sounds like a very plausible explanation of what happened. Apart from that - it's good news (relatively speaking).
    Another tear isn't nice of course but it's not the end of the world. And it makes it much more likely that David will not delay surgery as he's out anyway.

  7. Yes, Julia I keep reading and all they say the same: the left one. But he said several times (on tv even) that it was his other leg, his right adductor so at that moment he wasn't even able to walk. (that matches also with what was reported today in Clarin and La Nacion).
    Maybe it was both but the tear is on his left? In the middle of such effort and stress he could feel a pull on his right one but the injured one could been his left, plus that f**ing inflitracion... we reached the soccer World cup final in 90 thanks to Maradona in one leg and those shots, but when all ends you feel it's a torture.

  8. Yes, I just hope, when the inflamation goes away, that he gets the surgery.

    And it was nice watching him smile today... But he didn't get up very often, like Pico did.

  9. He said various, conflicting things after the match, also about when the pain started etc. And I think that's only natural after such a match.

    The point I'm trying to make is that this is, as far as that's possible, good news.

  10. Yes, he probably felt pain even in his nails...
    But it's great news. It's a tear but nothing more and it will keep him out of playing in US and delay the surgery..
    I'm looking really obsessed with David getting the surgery, right?

  11. You see, watching David's match yesterday did move me. But having recently had to fear for the life of someone in my family, well, that really puts all of this with David here into perspective for me.

  12. I don't want to say that it's not okay to worry about David. I worry about David. But this, although it is bad, is not the end of the world. :)

  13. I understood what you wanted to say Julia and you are absolutely right.

    I really hope that the injury turns out to be not too serious and he gets his hernia done, so that he can start after recovery freshly. I'm sure he will come back and I think positive. I wish him so much that he can win the DD title because it is such a big dream for him. Keep my fingers crossed that he can come back soon.


  15. How unlucky can we really be? He comes back and every time he has abductor troubles, and eventually has to retire for months. The last 3 years have been quite difficult as a David fan, and it's sad to see that he is 19 in the world with only playing a few tournaments out of the year, while still missing a few majors. It he could consistently play in a full year like say Ferrer, who knows how high he could be, but I guess if he could do that then he wouldn't be the David we know. He has the most beautiful game I've ever seen (with Federer) but I'm just disappointed that we don't get to see more of it on a regular basis. I hope he has enough sense to get this surgery quick and get back to the tour ASAP. Tennis needs him. I am annoyed that he even felt compelled to play against Romania in what should have seen like a sure win for even the worst squad that Argentina could muster up (Monanco, Schwank, Zebballos, and someone like Callari or Acasuso could have still played in his place and won). I love how he has a great desire to win Davis Cup, but he must realize that he needs to give it his all in matches that are more important like last year at France, not fly on short notice to go to stockholm to beat viciguerra which any of them could have taken. While it's heroic, he should realize that the reason they havn't won it yet is because he hasn't won the later tie matches in the semis or finals.

  16. John... David won his matches on the DC finals. The three of them. Even with Tendinitis in 06 and a broken hip in 08. Why we didn't won it in 08? Ask Del Potro and his lack of commitment and the real problem: his lack of balls to say it in public. (at least Chela in 07 said he wasn't going to play DC that year, Del potro just doesn't care but doesn't say it to not look bad)
    Against Monfil. did you watch tht match? I remember David hitting at least 4 or 5 shots that against anyone could have been winners per point. And all came back. monfils said it was his best match of the year and one of the better of his career. If you weren't argentine or a David's fan was even funny to see because you couldn't believe what the guy could reach and even the good luck he had at some points. Except his serve, David didn't play bad that day. We all know Monfils can play like that and suddenly act like a clown. Except some few matches and that's a random thing he has, because it's not like he doesn't act like that in certain tournaments that means a lot to him. He can go with those I act like a clown moments in DC or GS and acting perfect in some ATP 250. It's like it's not something conscious. That day he didn't. But as I said, that day except his serve David (nothing new there) played well, really well. Llodra was the one who gave a lot of chances to Monaco and Pico didn't take them. And against Russia in 08, he broke his hip against Sweeden that year and at that SF,Del potro was there (and still without the whole Davin/his father influence going on against the DC too much, because he bassicaly does what he fathers or Davin says, and Davin did the same with Gaudio). When Argentina was 2-0 up, Nalbandian said he didn't think he could beat Davydenko on clay with his hip like that and the doubles (Calleri-Cañas) sucked at the trainnings (they were losing against anybody), so they went with the 3-0 or nothing. Cañas just forgot how to hold a raquet for 2 1/2 sets (that was another moment that if you're not argentine was really funny... Cañas played more for Russia than their players). And suddenly at the final TB to lose the match, Cañas starts to play great, so the result was 4 hours on court for David and having to play the other day.
    Let aside Russia 2006. We didn't have any second single logical. Not even a doubles. Was all about what David could do. And his two matches, like the Mar del Plata were perfect.
    The problem is David is and was all the time alone. Even with Coria. And with Del Potro, who started playing and liking the DC at 07 until he became the Del Potro we know and acts like a puppet (not that listen to your coach is bad, I mean if you like to play something, you do it or at least try to find a balance, you don't get brain washed like that). So, even if Del Potro shows up? It will be like in Mar del Plata or in 09: don't put all the pressure on him, don't ask him to risk anything or make any effort that could affect his career. And I don't mean the stupid things David does... I mean "I don't play the doubles because that could make me tired for the tournaments that I got in like two weeks" like happened against Berdych/Stepanek.
    The explanation of Argentina not having any DC is pretty simple.

    And the problem in this tie, was nobody and less David expected that reaction towards the injection and that amount of pain. He was doing it ok during the week. The problem with this kind of injections (here called infiltracion) is that the shot is exactly in the hurt zone, wich left the zone without pain, but in some way more exposed.
    I forgot to tell: according to Clarin the pain he indeed felt on his right adductor (the tear is on his left one) and that caused him that he almost couldn't walk was just foring more htat part to compensate the pain he felt in the other. Nothing weird or bad there.

  17. Fair enough Anna, I actually agree with you about what your saying, it was a rough night for me and I guess I was being a little hard on him because I'm mad that he comes back and then there's another injury. But I do have to add that the Mar Del Plata doubles match with David and Callari was something that they should have won against Lopez/Verdasco in the 2008 finals. They lost the final kind of because of Delpo, and I shouldn't put all the blame on David for loosing it, but if David is going to commit himself to being a Davis Cup player then he should win these matches. (against sorry because I sound like I'm really angry and bitter right not but I'm not, I know David and his limits and he shouldn't be expected to win every match he goes into in Davis Cup because the level of play is high).

  18. I'm mad at him for exposing like that without being necesary. Chela could've taken ungur. But on the other side, I think it was good because now he sees there's no other way but getting a surgery and let the hernia thing fixed. He even could win titles with his hip bad and destroyed Ferrer at the DC finals, but the first time he tries to play with this problem (causing him pain) it happends this. And it could have cost Argentina the tie: the Ungur match on Friday was the point that Argentina counted in without doubts (as I said, even Schwank could do it). A mistake, huge one and I think the team should think really hard on this because, it wasn't so illogical. Even if the tear didn't happen, the effects of the shot dAvid got to play don't last long and the pain, after is ten time worse. So in the middle on the match, the could was going to come back. But on David's part he felt ok to play and never, ever thought he could feel such pain.

    the problem with the doubles in 8? Mancini called Calleri and Acasuso, not hearing David who wanted Arnold to be there. Mancini's strategy was going for the singles and not caring for the doubles at all. David, seeing how the thing with Del Potro was, played with Arnold the indoor season to practice just in case. (and some people said someone talked to David and informed him about Del Potro not going to play his 100% to be ok for AO).
    So, Mancini, found himself on a mess that was predicted for David, because, if the thing could get worse... Calleri-Acasuso was doing horrible as double and at that moment Argentina needed that point. And, even with that it wasn't the best day for any of them. David and Calleri didn't play very well.

    The problem is since it's known that he is the "idiot" who is always there and also, he is a top player who can beat anyone, so the plan was always the same: David's point and the double. David can play doubles? Better!! In a sense it's logical with all due respect, you can't expect that someone like Schawnk, for example, with all his commitement could take a Soderling, Davydenko, Safin, Hrbaty, Hewitt or similar. But is not fair. He's human. and also David's character is not easy and often when you want a lot something, you can make choices that are not the best not even for you, but also for what you want. one example is the fight for the stadium at the 08 final... that didn't help. (Let aside that the major part of the press didn't reveal the money Del Potro's father got to betray what the team decided and make a pact with the AAT, MDP goverment that put them on a court in bad conditions to play tennis: the original surface was not ok to make a court tennis there)

  19. Kazakhstan and the Czechs are going to a 5 rubber.Im rooting for the Russians(Kazakhstan bought players from Russia),because I think they would be a easier tie for Argentina and David.

  20. Kukushkin just made a small comeback vs Hajek, he was down 5-2 i think 3rd set, won in tiebreaker, now 2-0 up in 4th, looks like its Kazakhstan who the Argies face next, almost perfect, at least nalby doesnt have to play to pull a win.

  21. 5:0 now for Kazakhstan. So pity that Melzer didn't won his first match otherwise France would lose against Austria and it would be good for Argentina and other favorites.

  22. Ok... how many of you watched both matches from Kazakhstan today?... Because, they were REALLY good.
    I liked a lot what I saw from Kukushkin (not even near in terms of talent but something in him reminds me of David in some aspects of his game. If we could count out Stepanek for the tie, I'm not sure wich one I preffer...

    And here... Monaco goes and loses to Ungur, ok it wasn't a live rubber but Monaco tried because he got pissed off when he was losing... I really don't want to think that it was a good thing David was there on friday...

    The news about Dave's injury? he won't be able to play for 4 weeks more or less. And, there's a chance of using that time to treat the hernia and wait that goes asymptomatic again.

    Congrats Julia for Germany!!!!!

  23. I would rather have to play Golubev and Kukushkin than Berdych and Stepanek any day.4-1 or 5-0 for Argentina if Del Petro plays or doesnt.About the Germany-Croatia tie,it was the best 1 round tie this year.All the matches were close,just too bad that more people didnt come.

  24. I'd say that too, but the things that I saw from Berdych this weekend and if there's a chance of Stepanek out (the tie Argentina lose two years ago, was Radek the one who made reat Berdych when Monaco was causing him troubles in the firt rubber) I don't know if the team is not weaker than the Kazakhstan. Those two played awesome this weekend. Don't know how Kazakhstan did in the past. Well, those two are not really from there... (with our luck? They probably made citizen players like Ferrer, Alamgro, robredo... even Nadal ;) )
    And also there's the surface, I don't remember any of those players on clay.
    How is Radek doing, by the way? Because with all the ballbashers playing now at the ATP, I miss him.

    I couldn't watch the Germany-Croatia tie at all. Only the Kazakhstan and the French one.

    Oh! David is now watching River vs Argentinos Jrns soccer match at the stadium

  25. I watched most of the Davis Cup matches and the Czech Tie was a very good one, with both men fighting in that 5th rubber. This is great for Argentina to play Kazakhstan in the next round, because they really got lucky that Berdych choked (he should have taken that 4th rubber and the tie) and that Stepanek did not play. Had Steps played, the Czechs would have won 3-0 which would have made a fairly tough match up for the next round.

  26. That's something I noticed from Berdych at the DC: he chokes a lot. Qhen they played against Argentina in 09 Berdych was a ghost: Mónaco almost win the match (indoor carpet...) Against Del Potro he was a shadow and when he played the doubles Stepanek was the one talking and screaming at him all the time. So, when he starts a tie like tht, he keeps it that way the whole weekend. Stepanek is the soul of the team. I don't remember now what's his problem. The last rubber was one until Hayeck (don't remember the spelling, sorry) got desperate by the way Kukushkin was playing. Not being from any of those countries, was really interesting how Hayeck was being involved by Kukushkin's game and how he crushed him in the last set.

  27. Argentina has a great draw.If they dont take the DC this year I dont know when they will.All David needs is a little help from his friend Del Potro.

  28. It's a big question if he is his friend or not or will be one day, hopefully this year.

  29. It's not about being friends. It's about going there and play. Give your 100%. If someone is going to appear only because that's look good for the public and left a tie in the middle saying they're injured just because the pressure is too much and you want to preserve your body for the ATP? Or go to play but with conditions like I won't play this or that just because it could make me tired for a tournament? Better stay away because you're not reliable. You can't be trusted. That's the problem with Del Potro. Or at least mine.I don't ask him to go and hurt himself, to do what David does, because it's crazy (I don't even want David doing it!). I don't even ask for him to care about the DC. I only ask him have the balls to say it. It's ok not caring and not playing. I preffer that, because you know since the beggining what you have, than what he does (not even start with the DC finale in 08).

    History is full of teams with problems that won the DC. Players that didn't like each others but they went and play like they mean it. And outside the court they barely talk. they were civilizaced. But not more. They don't have to be best buddies. I don't want them to be the next brokeback mountain couple. Just be there and play at their 100% because they care not because their public relationships say that looks good.

  30. Anna, I'll just say this - Argentine DC history includes a very prominent example of how not being able to get along can keep an otherwise great team from being successful.
    The point is that fighting together as a team and the positive energy that means will make it much easier to win and to have a chance of pulling off the big one, i.e. win DC.
    But right now, all of that, the QF tie and everything else is still far away. And the past ties are even further away.

  31. I just heard about it now that David won't participate in Indian Wells or Miami and I'm so pissed! But if he's injured then it's a good thing to get the surgery over with and get into a good shape for the summer Slams. He's my favorite player by far and I got so happy when he got into the top20 again. I really hope he gets a good chance for a Grand Slam this year, but maybe a bit too much wishful thinking.