Monday, February 21, 2011

No to Acapulco

At a press conference in Buenos Aires today, team captain Tito Vázquez and vice captain Caio Rivera officially announced the line-up for the upcoming Davis Cup tie against Romania.
And this is what the Argentine team will look like:

David Nalbandian
Juan Monaco
Juan Ignacio Chela
Eduardo Schwank

UpdateII (22/02)
There's still no official statement from David about his withdrawal.
But here's the line-up of Argentina's opponent Romania, as announced by the their team captain Andrei Pavel (source):

Victor Hanescu
Victor Crivoi
Adrian Ungur
Horia Tecau

You've probably already seen it:
David has pulled out of the 500 event in Acapulco.

It's the second time in a row that David had Acapulco as part of his schedule and then ended up not playing there. Last year because of the adductor tear he suffered at Buenos Aires.
This year - well, right now, there's still no official statement from David about his withdrawal. But the reasons already emerged on Saturday. On the one hand, there's the (so far not more clearly defined) "groin troubles". And of course the first Davis Cup tie of the year (March 4-6) to think about that David won't want to miss under any circumstances.
On the other hand, David also made it clear that he he doesn't want to go to Acapulco because of the current situation there and the security issues the ATP has warned its players about.

We'll find out more in the coming days.

On a different note, David has moved up one spot in the rankings this week, back to #19.


  1. good, look forward to Indian Wells and Miami, but at first of course he must have a succesful David Cup round and stay (or get?) healthy.

  2. lol, when I say that I have written "David Cup" I knew immediately that I wanted to write Davis Cup, but unintentionally I mistyped the last "d" of "David". But the most interesting is that "David Cup" suits even better in that case.

  3. Like that unintentional "David Cup" slip up, Ashot. Glad David is skipping Acapulco. Even if he were 100 percent healthy, who'd want to stay holed up in your hotel except when you're playing matches or practicing at the tournament site. Good decision. Get healthy, play DC and then focus on IW and Miami. I presume, Julia, no word on the "groin" issue yet?

  4. Does anyone think that Nalbandian will play the doubles?Im not sure,its possible since Zeballos wont be there.

  5. Ashot, I write David instead of Davis Cup all the time... lol And even though I usually do an extra checking round with my DC posts, sometimes that very special typo still manages ot make it on VD. But well - it is definitely a good one. :)

    John, nope, still no official statement about that particular issue. But I don't think it's something to seriously worry about - if you catch my meaning.

    Adrian, I sincerely hope that David won't play doubles... So far, he hasn't played on all three days under Vázquez and I hope it's going to stay that way.

    Well, looks like we're back to the old "let's nominate four singles players" approach. So much for establishing a fixed doubles.

  6. My apologies for going off topic, but was wondering if anyone here knows whether there's a stream for Acapulco. If you go to livescorehunter and no links are available, does that usually mean there's nothing, or are there other places to check? I'm still pretty much a noob to watching the matches online.

  7. I just had a quick look at Bet365 (sites like LSH depend, let's put it this way, on their coverage) and it says coverage will begin on Wednesday.

  8. Doh, so Alex needs a win tonight so I can see him on Wednesday. I'm still hoping at some point this season to get my dream match of Alex v. David...maybe at the French, that would be exciting :D

  9. That's still a day earlier than with other 500 events. ;)

  10. I do catch your drift, Julia. I'm sure David probably won't be able to hit a tennis ball until at least Sunday.

  11. I think that if it will be 2-0 after the first day the captain will go with Monaco-Schwank in the doubles,if its 1-1 I think he will go with David.

  12. Last year in the QF against Russia, it was 1-1 after the first day as well and many thought Vázquez would play David in the doubles - but he didn't.

    I think both Vázquez and David know that it's better if he only plays singles. Or rather, if he doesn't play more than two matches. That's what's been the case ever since Vázquez took over. And for my part, I really hope it stays that way.

  13. Yeah,when Del Potro gets back Argentina will be a very though opponent to beat,there only weakness is the doubles.If it was the SF or F I would play Del Potro and Nalbandian,none of them is really a great doubles player but they could adapt and you would feel more pressure on yourself as an opponent playing them two,if nothing than just because of their singles reputation,I think that even with there almost no experience playing together they would be better than a Schwank-Zeballos combination.

  14. Well, Schwank and Zeballos reached a Slam SF in doubles, last year (at the USO). And just putting together two good singles players doesn't make a good doubles. Especially not if they don't really get along all that well...

    I think the days of David playing on all three days are over. They should be over. Playing three best-of-five matches in as many days just isn't something David is in the shape for, anymore.

  15. It is curious that Vazquez didn't pick Zeballos. But then everything Vazquez does is somewhat curious. The Schwank-Zeballos tandem is quite good and having them together against Romania is almost a sure point. That lefty serve of Horacio's in doubles is very effective. David certainly knows about that serve.

  16. There was a lot of media/public pressure on Vázquez to nominate Chela. And doing it basically means following the old Argentine tradition of nominating singles instead of doubles players...
    Though I'd like to see Argentina with a fixed doubles and Schwank/Zeballos seem like a good choice.

  17. Yep. But we don't have any votes, Julia. BTW, I saw several national news stories yesterday about the violence in Acapulco and they all mentioned that Mexico's biggest tennis tournament is being played there this week. Kind of glad David's "groin" issue is keeping him off the courts this week.

  18. The thing is I think that Zeballos-Schwank dont cut it in terms of going all the way.All the elite teams have a great doubles pair like lets say the Bryan brothers,Zimonjic Troicki,Clement Llodra,Dlouhy Stepanek...I think all those pairs would take out the Argentine one,thats just my opinion maybe the pair of Zeballos Schwank proves me wrong.Well see.Anyways I know that Delpo and Nalbandian dont really like each other but I dont know any specific reason why,does anyone know maybe?

  19. Argentina don't have a doubles like that - but they could work on getting one. And Schwank/Zeballos have shown that they have potential.

    David's and Delpo's "love affair" began at the lost DC final 2008. You can look it up in the older posts, for example this one.

  20. I agree, Adrian, that all the elite teams do have great doubles pairs like the ones you mentioned. But Zeballos and Schwank did reach the semis at USO last year, so obviously they're not a pair of slugs. And really, the only way they're going to get better is to play together. The philosophy of throwing a couple of good singles players together and calling them a doubles team just doesn't work against the best.

  21. Del Potro doesnt seem like a nice guy too me but when it comes to playing for your country no personal dispute can come before it.Nalbandians not gonna win the Davis Cup without Del Potro,nor will Del Potro win it without David,they have to sit down,eat a good Argentinian steak and make it a must to win the Cup this year.Im really interested to see how things will work out in the QF(I would relly be suprised if they lose to Romania) with them too.

  22. Well, David isn't the innocent, poor little darling in this, either.

  23. Guys, all this BS about team chemistry is just that: BS. What it all boils down to is performance on the court. The fact is, if Nalbandian and Del Potro are both in shape and sharp, Argentina has the best singles tandem in the world. Whether they are mad at each other is irrelevant.

    What always seems lost in the memory of the DC 2008 final is that Delpo lost to Lopez in the second singles match. Everyone talks about Nalbandian pushing someone in the locker room and all hell breaking loose between the teammates, but none of that would have come to pass if Delpo had taken care of his end. Nalbandian certainly took care of his by demolishing Ferrer.

    No one ever seems to bring up the fact thatDelpo lost his first singles tie, and it had nothing to do with Nalbandian yelling at his coach or pushing his doubles partner into a locker or the fact that Nalbandian and Delpo aren't the best of friends. Delpo just lost, plain and simple.

  24. It's just that playing a DC together means a bit more than taking turns on court...
    The question was how the whole thing between David and Delpo started. The answer is with David's reaction after Delpo lost that match.

  25. Well them being the two best 2 singles players in the Davis Cup is debatable,I think a Nadal,Ferrer right now would beat them,if Federer and Wawrinka played that would also be a very good team.There not undoubtebly the best two singles players but yeah there up there amongst the best,but the thing with Davis Cup is that you have to hit form at the right time,thats what makes it special.

  26. No, the whole problem didn't start when Del Potro lost... the thing was all the players signed a letter saying that they wanted Cordoba as the place for the tie. There's a lot of talk about David getting more money for that. The problem? The AAT made a deal with Daniel Del Potro (Delpo´s father, who signed the letter by the way) and the goverment of Bs As to play the final on Mar Del PLata. So, that betrail (let´s be honest: Del Potro always does what is told by his father and his coach, he doesn't think nothing for himself), plus going to the MC and saying that he was 100% for the final, then showing up in a poor state, two days later than wat he told, not wanting to train because he was tired, etc. Add to that that the court was bad because the floor wasn't good for tennis... it needed more paint than usual and didn't dry in time, plus the remodelation was not ready so the court had dust (because nobody thought about covering the court floor)and the fist time it seemed a lot faster and they painted agian to make it slower and at the end it was really slow, so more paint again.. David wanted to punch everybody in the face (in Cordoba the floor was used a lot to play tennis exhibitions...). And for the big finale? Del Potro says he had an injury that nobody could see except HIS doctors (with a supoused more powerfull machine) so he left the tie and announced THAT on friday night (the spanish team was doing the happy dance) instead of at least wait and generate some expectation. with all that... Del Potro was trainning less than 2 weeks from that finale and didn't show any sign of anything that he said he had.
    David was no poor angel in all that, but Del Potro, Davin and Mr Del Potro made him look like choir boy. And at least, David was frontal. The others always denied anything, even when the ITF confirmed that the
    ATP put Mar del plata over Cordoba.
    After that, Del Potro never played again in Argentina, only some exhibition match in Rosario, but nothing much. And also he lies about wanting the DC, going to play it, etc... just because he doesn't have the guts to say to the public that he doesn't care about playing for Argentina.
    That's the big problem. And something that still is an issue with David: he pretty much wants commitment or a statement about not playing. . Doesn't like Del Potro´s hipocresy.
    Those were more or less the problems

  27. And to not talk about that F**** finale more, because it makes me sick remember Del Potro's behaviour and "poor me" atittude (with some members from the press on his side due to the bad relationship David has with them)and I don't want to wish him bad luck or anything... but remembering what he did makes it difficult...
    So, I read about Acapulco's situation. The ATP suggestions pretty much looked like they were goint to play in the middle of Irak. On the other side, Ferrer says everything is normal and other players say the same.

  28. Yeah you can tell Delpo is not interested in Davis Cup,similar thing happened in Croatia.Karlovic wanted more money to play Davis Cup and after he didnt get it,he started making up reasons why not to play.Now he does play but you can just see that its not do or die with him.If Delpo isnt up for it he should just say he doesnt feel like playing,maybe one day I will,good luck boys.Well see what he does with the QF.

  29. But that is just one version of the story.
    There are other and very, very different versions about what happened before Mar del Plata was chosen and of what David did in order to make sure the final took place at Córdoba. And I don't think any of us can say what really happened. Plus David would have to be very stupid to blame Delpo for a decision that wasn't his to make.

    Of course David didn't want Delpo to play in Shanghai. And his frustration about it showed in the way he reacted to Delpo's defeat. Whether it's for David to decide where and what Delpo plays, well, that's a different question. But the point is - all of that erupted after the match.
    You could argue that David had little understanding for Delpo being tired because of the state he was in himself, having been advised to have surgery before the tie. But his reaction was what it was.

  30. I was referring to Anna with the post above.

  31. The point is that David will need Delpo to win DC. Whether he likes it or not. So I hope that they'll let bygones be bygones. And maybe, that talk they had at Melbourne is a sign that they can and will.

  32. Julia, you're right about needing Delpo, particularly since Argentina doesn't have a top-notch doubles team. But Delpo playing in Shanghai 2008 showed that DC was not a top priority for him at that time, and in the Lopez match it showed. That's why Nalbandian was ticked off, I think.

  33. What would you say if David made it to the WTF but skipped it in order to be rested for a DC final? I guess you'd be up in arms if he did that.

    A well-rested Delpo would've been better for the team. Then again, it was the first time he made it to the TMC. And honestly, I can't really blame him for wanting to be there, I think a lot of other players would've done the same.

  34. Yeah,I agree with Julia,I cant blame the guy for playing the Masters Cup,its like the 5 GS,if David didnt play it I would be disappointed he didnt.Well see what happens.

  35. Davis Nalbandian is not enough for a David Cup, so he needs Del Potro for the Davis Cup.
    Romania is no problem I

  36. Julia, you're right that I would be unhappy if Nalbandian skipped the WTF. However - and this is a big however because I, like everyone, don't know the details of the Delpo-Nalbandian friendship/relationship - if DC is as big in Argentina as you say, and winning the DC title would be even greater than winning a GS in terms of national pride, Delpo should have given much more consideration to skipping Shanghai.

    Also, given how much it supposedly means to Nalbandian, Delpo could have taken that into consideration. But it probably makes more sense to just quibble with the specific failures of Delpo in the Lopez match instead of blaming it on Shanghai; he simply should have played better.

  37. Anna, I just read your long post, and since I don't live in Argentina and have never cared too much about DC, your post was pretty insightful. What you said about how Del Potro showed up in Argentina after Shanghai seems to indicate that he really just didn't care; I didn't know it was 2 days late and in a mindset of refusing to practice. Is that a bad thing per se? No, but in Argentina where DC means so much, that is a bit of a problem, I think, when so many people are counting on you.

    The other thing that Julia and Adrian discount is that Delpo had absolutely no hope back in 2008 of winning Masters Cup; for him to go, it was all about preparing himself for the next season and getting some cash that he was going to get anyway down the road. He got beaten up pretty good in his Shanghai matches, only to walk into the DC tie completely unprepared. And we all know, even back in 2008, Delpo in good form, focused and fit, beats Lopez any day of the week. Julia, Adrian, everyone - we all know that.

    Plus, when you lump in the fact that Delpo seems to have made up the injury story, I think the final verdict on what happened in 2008 comes down in favor of Nalbandian. People seem to forget just how awesome he played against Ferrer. To set the tone in that way and then for your team to lose - your teammates really had to let you down.

  38. I mean David got into the Masters Cup as the 8th seed,if I recall he wasnt even sure if he would make it,so Delpo of course could have won it.It was possible,even Dokovic last year played the Masters Cup,played bad,got home and won both his ties in the final.So Chris I agree with you that Delpo played bad and should have beat Lopez but I personally think it didnt have much to do with the Masters Cup.

  39. Unhappy, Chris? I guess that's one way of putting it...
    So if you now accept the importance of DC in Argentina, does that mean you also accept David's choice to put it ahead of everything else and build his schedule according to that? Because then you can't complain about those decisions anymore.

    As I've said, it was Delpo's first time of making it to the TMC. Can you blame him for wanting to go? I can't. And as I've also said before, a lot of other players would've done the same.

    True, David played a great match against Ferru. But he didn't play well in the doubles, it was the breaks against his serve that cost them the match. He was not in the best of shapes himself, that is true. But his performance in that final was not just the Ferru match.

  40. Good point, Adrian. David only got into TMC 2005 because Roddick withdrew. And no one thought he'd have any kind of chance to win.

  41. There are more version. And yes, David had economic's interest for the final being in Cordoba. The problem? Due to pressure from the AAT (agreement with Delpo and his father) and the really bad relationship the David has with the press (they didn't say anything when the team was winning but then? they took revenge) mostly distorted what happened and only said the deal David had, "forgetting" that Delpo got paid MORE than what David was going to get. And what was the result of Delpo/AAT agreement? a court without the right estructure to play tennis, the sponsors wantng Delpo to play on friday when he wasn´t in shape and David insisted to reserved him for sunday. Delpo saying he was ok and (interview in La Nacion and Clarin) he would give his life in court for the DC to get some "invisible for everyone except his doctors" injury...
    I got all that from someone who was actually there and was not a fan of David's character. Also all that happened after that confirmed it : the fact that the AAT only called Delpo's father and Davin to consult about Vazquez as captain, the fact that Wazquez lied about him not calling Delpo for the tie against Holland and when David couldn't play due to a virus, rivera admitted they called Delpo and he said no... at the same time, Vazquez was saying that him calling Delpo was only some press speculations.. and more contradiction to make him look well and cover the lack of interest of him for the DC. Not to mention that the president of the comitee who choose the city talked to David and confirmed him that the AAT talked to them and they wanted Mar Del Plata. Don't forget that after that (the AAT was here saying that they didn't talk in favor of that place) the ITF changed some rules (how they were going to proceed when two cities were postulated)
    If all that wasn't true, why the ITF changed or created the rules?...
    I never liked Davin (Delpo's coach) and Gaudio when he was with him also didn't play anymore the DC (let aside the malaga SF were he sucked)... he always had some injury at last moment.
    All in all? and after more than two years? all that happened confirmed what I wrote. That was posted several times in Fue Buena (they got another source with almost the same information that I got).
    David said he didn't care about Delpo losing (he was talking in general in some GRIP interview about what he wanted from his team mates) but he wanted commitement: if you're going to play you left your guts there, if you're not going to do it, don't play. Never in the middle or just to say "I went there".
    Also, remember, if David was in possition to got to shangai, he said he wasn't going to do it. He almost didn't play the Paris finale that year because some infection in some toe. He didn't want to risk for the DC. Jaite, according to people that was there, told him to be less stupid, because while he was doing that the other (Delpo) was playing with infiltrations to only reach the Masters, knowing that doing it his body wasn't going to be ok for the finale. That also was repoted in Fue Buena and Ole

  42. I think we should leave the Delpo DC debate until we see whats his choice with the QF.Then we can restart the debate,whether it starts with welcome back Delpo,or with another cancel time shall tell.

  43. Anna, yes, there are other versions. You're obviously determined to stick with yours. And that's okay but for my part, I'm going to look at the other versions too.
    David did have his own financial interests that he pursued. If sponsors decide who plays when then something is seriously wrong. But it also wasn't up to David to decide when Delpo played because he wasn't the captain. Whether Delpo was injured or not I can't say.
    I think that so far, Vázquez has done a good job as captain and as far as I know, he was appointed because of his old ties with AAT, which makes sense for me. Delpo asked to be excused from the Holland tie way before it took place. About the process of how Mar del Plata was chosen there are, as mentioned before, different versions.
    The ITF did allow a smaller venue than their rules require but they have done that several times in the past. David was struggling with his hip at Paris 2008 (it was Delpo who had a toe problem). And as I've said, reaching yor first TMC is, I think, reason enough to want to go there. And stranger things have happened - like with David.

    And yes, I'd like to leave that topic now until David and Delpo play DC again.

  44. That's the problem when we start to talk about the 2008 finale.
    With the bad, temperamental, even egoistic character David has, after all this time all the facts confirmed what I wrote. It was really painfull.
    I really don't want to remember, because everytime I do it I curse Del Potro. Mostly because he keeps doing the same with the same coward attitude about wsomething he doesn't care but he doesn't have the guts to say it. Winning or losing is one thing. Now enter a court, representing your country without any commitement and playing like you didn't give a crap? That's not losing because it could happen... that's pretty much trowing the match.
    And player like that? Are not reliable. Sorry, but that's the truth.
    And that didn't change, not while Davin is near and Delpo's father keeps directing everything.
    Why, if not when David and Delpo talked this year (some talk in a airport) David didn't let Davin be there. He said he was going to talk ONLY to Delpo. (I bet Davin's face was a Kodak moment...) Davin, Delpo's PF stayed with Diego Rodriguez, who wanted to say a lot to Davin since that finale and he took the chance there, while Lobo (friend and associated of Davin in some club) trying to keep the things calm. David took Delpo to some place apart and they talked.
    I hope it's for good, because at first when Delpo wasn't Delpo, he was really commited to the DC, the problem started when Davin showed up, Delpo exploded and Mr Delpo put his nose in the middle. When David arrived to Madrid in 2008, the city chosen was Mar Del Plata and he hugged Delpo and get along, but when they had to play against each other (a couple of days before) everything changed. If you put together and you make a timeline, you'll see that's when David talked to the ITF people and he changed towards Delpo then.
    It's a lot of information to take in, and now it's only bring back bad memories for nothing.
    Because I'm a huge DC fan. And how they acted was unforgivable. It's not the losing, it's the not giving a crap. Or worst giving a crap only to grab money.
    Let's just let the things there. I could write a book about what happened.
    I just hope things change.
    And I hope the captain change. I liked Jaite as captain: he's inteligent, he is capable and he has the temper to manage David , Delpo, Davin, etc. And believe me if someone said things like they were to Nalby, that was Jaite.He's one of the few David really listen to.

  45. That meeting at the airport was back in 2009 (it led to them, playing doubles together at IW) and of that as well there are different versions, it seems.

    You're still very emotional about this, I know. But can we leave Mar del Plata behind now - at least until David and Delpo actually do play DC together again?

  46. No. Well, yes, David was with the hip problem, but also, he had a toe problem too (some people even make jokes about those two going to a pedicure).
    I listened to the other versions, I'm not saying David didn't do anything wrong. But the facts proved that version. Wich doesn't make David look great either. I mean, he wasn't exactly nice to Mancini during that tie, mostly because he wanted other players, because he didn't show any authority as captain to the AAT and because it seems Mancini was with David about ot playing on Friday but he didn't act accorded to that, so David went ballistic, because if you thnk something act in consecuence. If you don't do it, quit because you're not able to do your job. During that tie, while always David helped with technical things before (from helping the players with hits, tactical things or even court aspects), he did nothing. Only he spoke about the court when he was asked (the people, Mancini included, thougth he was going to go from France to MDP directly, but he didn't). Of course the first time he showed up he put a bad face...But with Mancini? He was like ice. The one doing the talking between them was Jaite. You could watch it on tv.

  47. It's not about being emotional, it's being pissed off plain and simple.
    And nope, the meeting I'm taling about was THIS year, before the Australian Open.
    It was confirmed by Clarin.It was published this week. But it was posted before in Fue Buena too.
    And when DAvid lost to Robredo someone asked him what they talked about, and he said "that's between us, I'll never tell a word"

    But I'm all for letting that sh*t behind. I just hope it stays behind and nobody repeats psat mistakes or attitudes.

  48. Okay, so you meant the talk they had at Melbourne.
    I can understand that you're pissed off but could we still leave all of that behind now? I'd appreciate that.