Monday, February 28, 2011

The Days Ahead

Here's a new (tiny little) clip of David, training.
Apparently, he trained a bit in the first session today, not the second one, and with Eduardo Schwank, not Juan Monaco (source).

As planned, David (still ranked #19 this week) arrived at Buenos Aires yesterday, in time for the start of the Davis Cup week. So far, there have been no further news about David's hernia problems. And the official site still maintains a complete silence on the subject. Therefore I can only report that David is scheduled to take up training at the Parque Roca in the afternoon session today, together with Juan "Pico" Monaco.
During the next few days, there'll be two training sessions per day, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. How much and how hard David will be able to train remains to be seen. In any case, I'll keep an eye out for news, clips or photos from those practice sessions.
Apart from that, here's what's ahead in the next few days, until the tie itself will start on Friday (source: AAT).

Tomorrow, it'll be press conference day at the Parque Roca. With the Argentine team devoting the pause between the two training sessions to facing the media. The press conference will take place at noon, local time. And it will provide the first opportunity to maybe hear more about the exact nature of David's injury and his current state from David, himself.

- Is traditionally draw day in Davis Cup. In this case, the draw ceremony (followed by another round of press conferences) will take place at 11am, local time. As soon as the draw is out, I'll be able to post the schedule for the weekend, including David's match on Friday, the starting time and who David will get to play against.


  1. I guess that the press conference will answer all the questions around the injury.

  2. Hopefully...
    Depends on how much he's going to say about it.

  3. he will probably be like "injury? who? me ? ni am 100% fit for DC" lol

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if he said something like "don't worry, I'm definitely fit enough to play DC"...

  5. me neither, but he will probably play one single match i think, not hanescu one of the other two apparently, i think he will win, but the more important thing is what david gets to say about the injury, cause they will probably win even without David, Monaco no easy on clay

  6. Yeah, David as the Argentine #1, will play against Romania's #2 on Friday (Crivoi or Ungur; Tecau only plays doubles). And I agree with you, this is mostly about finding out more about David's injury. But as the past has shown, he doesn't really talk about these things if there's any way of avoiding it.

  7. Also, if he's going to actually play, it wouldn't make sense for him to say anything negative. Among the various reasons, one is not to give opponents the perception that David is "wounded".

    It's strange. Everyone knows he is hurt, but nobody knows how much.

    The only way we may really know how he feels is to watch him play. Even then
    it's tricky -- he might win easily and be hiding problems.

    It does sound like this is a hernia injury that one can play with for the moment, but is probably painful to play with.

  8. "painful to play with"....reminds me of the grimace in Julia's last picture.
    Looks like David is sucking up some intense pain...but getting through it.

    Maybe that was her intention? :)

  9. Well, a pic of a smiling or celebrating David just didn't seem right for this post. ;) Though I think that in this one, he's more annoyed than suffering. Then again - who knows...
    You're right about not letting the opponent know about your weaknesses.

    The thing is that certain things here seem awfully familiar. Like planning to go on playing, not considering surgery, Ruiz-Cotorro favouring conservative treatment - we've had all of that before...

  10. i agree wih both of you

  11. Looking good in the short clip :).

  12. What do people think about the DC doubles? Tecau is a very good doubles player, and he and Hanescu have played together a lot. I think that one must be Argentina's weakest chance.

  13. Well, I don't expect anything from David at the press conference. Never did in the past, I don't see any reason to change it now.
    In some way, it's logical: you're not going to tell to your rival how much you're hurt, when the pain begans (wich movements) so they could use it against you.
    He said nothing after losing against capdeville and he was going to surgery for sure.

  14. Hanescu and Tecau just picked up the doubles title in Mexico on clay. It's gonna be a tough tie.

  15. News from David: source TV show Despertate. The journalist talked directly with the argentine team's doctor.

    According to him:

    1) there's no CHANCE OF THE INJURY GETTING WORSE. As it's not something muscular (in the sense of a tear), the only problem is the pain David could feel.

    2) David's evolution since last week was extremely good.

    3) because how he was yesterday, even if the chance of getting him some infiltration for the match is still there, they think he could avoid it(don't know if it's the extact translation form "infiltracion" it's some injection to could play and not feeling the pain... after that it hurts like hell, but during the match it's all ok)

    4) the bad part: according to this journalist his team is thinking serously about a surgery. But the injury or hernia is very, very small as the team doctor said.

    Still waiting for the press conference

  16. @Anna,

    The term is "injection." Infiltration suggests something kinda sinister or warlike. Wouldn't use it....

  17. Usually injuries are like that,they hurt after the match.I play a pretty high level of basketball and from personal experience most people would be surprised with what kinds of injuries people can play.The problem is after.Then it really hurts.Well see what he says.

  18. Thanks, It didn't sound to me like the right translation. But do you have a term for that type of injetion. I mean, at least in spanish you can get a injection for any kind of medicine. But the term "infiltracion" is related to the type of injection that you get to stop the pain in some particular zone of your body, for a limited amount of time. Often used for players (of any sport) to play avoiding pain during the match. As I said, after that it hurts worst... And also it's not recomended doing it often. It was said that Batistuta, a soccer player, has now a lot of problems with his feets, after his retirement, due to getting very often that kind of treatment. He plays polo mostly because he doesn't have to walk or run. Another example are Maradona's knee (besides his other problems, but his knee got a lot of that treatment to play for Argentina and now he needs surgery).

    Still waiting for David at the press conference, even when I'm sure he won't say anything. Not only because it's David's way but because it's logical: the other team reads papers, so he won't give more clues than what he did.

  19. @Anna,

    It's injection. It's a pretty standard term used to describe the act of placing medicine in the body with a needle. Now, if you want to be specific, you just say what type of injection he received.

  20. Maybe I wasn't clear. When you an injection (in spanish is inyeccion) but in the context of doing it to stop the pain only for a short amount of time to realise some specific work and because only that, we say "infiltracion". It's an injection with medicine for pain,but it's not only to calm in general (in that case we say someone got an injection of painkillers), "infiltracion" is used mostly (almost exclusive in sports or arts like dancing) to make the person stop hurting (absolutely) to do the specific task. What's exactly the medicine they use? i don't know. They're not normal pain killers, it feels (because I got one when I played volleyball) almost like some anesthesia. Almost because you still have sensibility in the zone. But You don't feel the pain at all. When the effect is gone, often hurts worst than before.

  21. Sorry, I wrote something and the I erased it so the first sentence was worst than usual ;)
    I meant Infiltration is an injection, etc..

  22. I know what you mean, Anna. There's a special expression for that kind of injection in German, as well. Here, it's called "fitspritzen" - to inject someone with painkillers so they're fit enough to play the next match - but at the same time likely to be in a worse state, afterwards.
    And thanks for the Despertate update.