Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Brief Update

While the tournament at Acapulco has been taking place without any security problems so far, and with all players still alive and well, things have been very quiet on the David-front. So quiet in fact that Clarin contacted David's spokesman Bernardo Ballero, in order to inquire whether David too is alive and well, having virtually vanished from the face of the earth after his his quarterfinal exit at the Copa Claro on Saturday.
Here's the statement they got from Ballero yesterday:
"I'm in permanent contact with David, who's still in Unquillo and who assured me that the pains in his groin have eased. Tomorrow, he'll be in Buenos Aires and if there are no physical problems, he's planning to take up training for the tie against Romania whenever the coaching staff sees fit."
In other words, after taking a break at home, David is now back in Buenos Aires, where he'll meet up with captain Tito Vázquez today (source). And where David, or "the evergreen Nalbandian" as the Davis Cup website insists on calling him (even in their tweets), will be joined by the rest of the team on Sunday, as well as Leonardo Mayer and Maximo Gonzalez, who are going to function as hitting partners. The team's training sessions will start on Sunday.
The Romanian team will also arrive on Sunday.


  1. Is Chela out of the tie? He retired from Acapulco. Not sure why...

  2. Chela will be there. According to his coach (quoted in the same Clarin article), it was a case of "accumulated fatigue".
    Whether the ATP will further investigate that match and all that went with it (betting odds) remains to be seen.

  3. I hadn't heard about the betting regularities. Interesting. Schwank the Tank was his opponent. Not another Argentine scandal I hope!

  4. Well, in this case it's more about Chela. And that's not a first... But I'd be surprised if anything happens.

  5. I'd like to explain that I didn't think David's physical problems were serious at first because he made very light of them in his press conference after the Robredo match. Calling them the little troubles players basically always have to deal with... But now it's clear that it's a whole lot more than just that.

  6. You're welcome for the link. Feel free to link back should you desire.