Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adios Santiago

Update (07/02)
The new rankings are out and despite his less than stellar performance at Santiago, David remains at #19.

ESPN Deportes have a video that shows the last rally of the match and part of David's press conference afterwards. Embedding it here won't work but clicking on the picture above (a screencap from the video) will take you to the page where you can watch the clip.

At the press conference, David says that Zeballos played well and that the altitude makes it more difficult to come back. Zeballos also served very well and got a lot more cheap points than he did, because of his serve. Apart from that David thinks that the court is very bad and wonders why the ATP permits a tournament to be held in such conditions as it's bad for everybody, for the matches, the spectators, the players. And for him and his game, trying to take the ball early, in particular. That's what made it difficult.

The clip also shows a very happy Horacio Zeballos at his press conference, who twittered after the match that "beating your idol is a dream come true".

I can't say whether other players have complained about the conditions at Santiago as well.
And right now, I don't have the time to try and find out or to look for further quotes or photos from David. As there are important, private matters I need to attend to. So I hope you'll understand. And I also hope that by the time the Copa Claro begins I'll be able to make more time again.


  1. I would be happier when David's reason were true, but not something else like fatigue.

  2. I hope David plays on Monday because he has enough break until then and the one day free during the first rounds will be on other day because not playing on Monday and then playing for example every day in that week would be physically tougher especially for him


  4. Recently I have come across as very negative, but I am really excited to watch Nalbandian play in the next couple months because I think he is going to do very, very well. I think his attitude is very ambitious and therefore very good. He seems primed to really make a strong run here in the next months, with his mind being in a good place.

    And, though I was disappointed with Nalbandian's play for much of the Hewitt match, I do think that pulling it out and winning it has really bolstered his confidence. It was an important victory in that way, by generating some momentum.

    Expect some great results in the next few events, folks. I have a very good sense that that is what's coming.