Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Radio Interview

So much about there being no news from David at the moment. Apart from the Telam interview that I added as an update to the previous post, David also talked to Argentine radio station Radio 10 - an interview that apparently saw him in good humour. I haven't been able to find the complete interview, only some quotes that were taken from it, about various topics.
Among them the Australian Open - and Lleyton Hewitt. And although David said a couple of fairly nice things about him directly after their match, it's clear now that this was not the beginning of a wonderful new friendship. As by now, David is back to his usual statements about Hewitt, that he "doesn't get along" with him and that "there are few who know him and get along with him".
"I would've liked to make it to the quarterfinal but that match against Hewitt was much more than just a first-round encounter. The level during the match was very high, it was like a fourth-round match or a quarterfinal."
And here's the 'final verdict' on what happened afterwards, in the second round...
"The dizziness was the result of the fatigue from the previous match. The doctor told me it's normal that the body doesn't want to suffer another, similar strain. Therefore it's tough to recover from matches and go on playing."
While David probably didn't exchange more words with Hewitt than necessary, there's somebody else he did talk to while he was in Melbourne. And not because on-court etiquette required it - Juan Martin Del Potro. Apparently the two of them met at the Australian Open and "talked a little". Which is good news, though it's also clear what's the main interest David has in Delpo regaining his form.
"I talked to Del Potro a little in Australia and he told me that he still hasn't been able to gain rhythm. But he's a pillar of the team and hopefully he'll be fine soon so he can play Davis Cup."
Someone who recently talked about David is Roger Federer. Now, it's David's turn to talk about Federer, about similarities and (cultural) differences.
"I get along well with Federer, I've known him for many years. It's a very different culture, very cold. We don't have a lot of things in common but on the court we have many good conversations."
Though even after all those years on the Tour together, some mysteries still remain.
"Federer's physique is incredible. You never see him with so much as a cold. He doesn't have a very muscular body, wheras Nadal is an animal, his muscles totally defined, it's something in his genes. Federer on the other hand is skinny, doesn't mean anything, he has those little muscles, it's astonishing."
Speaking about the toll tennis has taken on his body, David reveals something that perhaps explains his preference for wearing flip-flops - not only in casual surroundings.
"Tennis players often suffer from problems with their joints, which end up getting destroyed by the effort of what we are doing. Until recently, Guga (Kuerten) thought about having surgery again because his hip hurt when he was walking. In one of my toes I have osteoarthritis. That's what happens because of the movement on court. It's no big deal but to have that at age 29, that's how the sport leaves its mark on you."
And then there's also David's favourite part of being a tennis pro, the travelling...
For us here in South America, the problem is that the distance we have to travel every year on the Tour is going to wear us out a lot more than an American or a European, who have to travel much less.
Finally, and while maintaining that he "always makes an effort to be the number one", David also makes it clear that anything that happens with him and his career happens and will continue to happen on his own terms, regardless of what other people say, criticising those who tell him to do things differently and that "no one is ever happy or content with minding their own business".
I do what I want to do and I'm going to keep doing that with my career and with my life.
(David's quotes: Infobae, Jornada Online & C5N)
Come Monday, it'll be time for David to get back to business himself, and his goal of making it back inside the Top 10. And also on Monday, he'll take another step in that direction as, if I'm not mistaken, he'll find himself at #19 when the new rankings list comes out. Inside the Top 20 again for the first time since October 2009.

The draw for Santiago will take place on Saturday, at 7pm local (10pm GMT) and I'll post it as soon as I can get my hands on it.


  1. It's very encouraging to hear that he was ambitious enough to want to reach the quarterfinals, at least. That's a good sign. It's just a shame that he didn't have more in the tank because we saw how vulnerable Nadal was in the QFs.

    I just hope that during the "Golden Swing" he is able to stay healthy, especially in Buenos Aires and Acapulco where the competition will become better.

  2. Thats a lovely post, lovely interview, many thanks.
    Ya , Ferrer turned out to be the luckiest player this year, he is in the Semis, and wasnt even tested yet, he was waiting for nalby or hewitt in the 3rd round, david beat hewitt and pulled out then gifted Brankis to ferrer lol

  3. Glad you like it and you're welcome. Though I don't think it's just luck that got Ferru this far. He is playing excellent tennis at the moment.

  4. without a shadow of a doubt, moving like a rabbit.

  5. Great post, Julia. Some very interesting comments from David. I've always felt that South American players were at somewhat of a disadvantage because of the the lengthy travel. David confirmed it. It's not hard to understand why he would want to play the "Golden Swing."

  6. haha Julia, now you have got everyone calling it the "Golden Swing".

  7. Not my idea - the ATP's idea. And just shorter and more practical than calling it the South American clay-court swing. ;)

    And thanks, John. Yeah, I like those interviews where David doesn't just get asked about his last match or his next tournament.

  8. Hi everyone! I've just started following the blog to find out what David's been up to and its been very informative...kudos to the writers of the blog! :)

    I think it was hard luck that David drew Hewitt in the first round and I agree that the standard of the match was really what you'd expect from a quarters or 4th round match. But as usual, David's looking ahead and still has his goals. All the best to David for the rest of 2011..

  9. As for Santiago, Ferrero has pulled out. And David will be joined not just by Pico. Schwank and Zeballos will also play. I guess they'll have a good time in Chile.
    Though it'll be a bit weird, for me at least, that Fernando Gonzalez won't be there. It's 'his' tournament...

  10. @Julia I was sad to know that JCF pulled out, I for one missed him!
    It sounds like a tourney for the Argies :p
    How come he's not playing?

  11. Looks like he still hasn't recovered from his wrist and knee problems. He also had surgery, didn't he?
    Yeah, I like him too. Though I like Gonzalez more... Hope they both manage to come back.

  12. me as well like Gonzo, he is just a joy to watch. And yes, it looks like a tourney for the Argies lol. i am a bit over excited for this tournament, maybe because David's start of the season did promise some good results

  13. Plus Chela, Leo Mayer, Berlocq and Maxi Gonzalez - yep, it's going to be an Argentine "invasion"... :)
    I like this tournament. Tends to get a bit wild sometimes in the stands but maybe not this time, with Feña not playing.

    Coverage might be a problem, though. So far, it's not looking good for the early rounds.

  14. I like Gonzo too ;)
    Does that mean I shouldn't hold my breath for livestreams? Well!, the time difference is gonna give me a hard time anyway, but at least I hope there will be some for the later rounds!

  15. oh I just noticed that the ATP website says that David moved 6 places to be 21! I totally forgot about the ranking stuff!!!!

  16. That was because of Auckland, yeah. He should be #19 next week.

  17. ya camilia, that was there before the beginning of the AO, usually they put the most noticeable movers of the week, and you know in the top 30 club, its not so often you c big jumps.I think he will be 19 the day after tomorrow, next step would be back to top 10, am sure he will do it, taking the advantage of not having the stress in the tournys to defend points, Washington and Rogers are a long way still, lets c what he will gain in between, thats y i want David to have golden results in this gold swing.

  18. btw julia, does david ebter the Santiago draw as number 21 or 27 ?
    and i like the "invasion" u used there, should be a post title lol

  19. Relevant for the seeding is the ranking as of this week. So - 21.

    And yeah, I might still use that for a post title. Depending on how the Argentine invaders fare at Santiago. :)

  20. btw i was gna say 21 or 19 ? wow that was stupid, since the draw is before the new rankings. well i slept 6 hours the last 4 days due to my exams lol

  21. How's it going with your exams? Still not over? (I'm so glad uni and all of that is behind me...)

    Chilean press says draw at 8pm local, not 7. Just hope they won't take ages, putting it online.

  22. it's going alright Julia, thanks 4 asking, only one left and thats on Monday, probably the day david might play, perfect timing this time.
    hm 7 pm means 11 pm GMT , thats 1 am here, probably an hour to go online, well i cant wait until 2 am, whatever the draw is wont gonna change anything, its just i wanna c if Belucci or Monaco will be on his half, the only 2 that might do damage to david on clay imo.

  23. Almost finished. :)
    Well, it might take a while for the draw to appear. But Pico won't be in David's half, he's the second seed.

  24. I hadn't thought before about what David said about South American players having to do more travelling. Interesting.

    Yes, JCF had surgery - I was pleased to see his name in the draw, so I'm sorry to hear he's not ready to come back after all.