Monday, December 27, 2010

Summer Cup: David beats Safin (again)

David's match against Safin is now available for download via David on Screen.
(Thanks, Krystle.)

Some photos by Tamar from Punta del Este here.

David has defeated Marat Safin 6-2, 7-5.
In the other match of the night, Thomaz Bellucci beat Gaston Gaudio 7-5, 7-5.
Which means that tomorrow night, David will face Thomaz Bellucci in the final.
Play starts again at 9pm local (8pm Argentina/11pm GMT/6pm EST) with the match Safin vs Gaudio. Afterwards the final: David vs Bellucci.

Tonight, David's last exhibition for the off-season, the Summer Cup in Uruguay, kicks off with the "semifinal" matches. And as the photo above (taken at yesterday's press conference) shows, everybody has arrived in Punta del Este, including David. Who, together with Gaston Gaudio, will make an appearance at the charity golf event organised by Uruguayan football star Diego Forlan today, before tonight's tennis (source).

But when will David play tonight and who will be his opponent?

Update (edited)
The new version of the schedule is the correct one.
Which means that at 9pm local (8pm Argentina/11pm GMT/6pm EST)
play starts with the match Gaston Gaudio vs Thomaz Bellucci.
Afterwards, David plays against Marat Safin.
Whether there'll be a stream - we'll see.

In the meantime, you can watch a clip of a rather bubbly and talkative David, getting interviewed by Martin Vasallo Arguello for Segundo Saque behind the scenes of the Copa Argentina.

(Fue Buena)


  1. Thanks Julia :) Couldn't find any streams myself!

  2. Maybe something will turn up on when the matches start. I guess that's pretty much the only hope we have tonight...
    I'm not too optimistic - but who knows. ;)

  3. Just found this stream:

  4. Looks like we found it at the same time. :)

  5. I was just posting it when your comment came. Nice to see you here again, Denise.

  6. Weird match. But another win for David in his "exho" season.

  7. Yeah, and he said afterwards that he thinks it's a great off-season he's having and that it makes him look forward to the new season. - And that's good. :)

  8. It's a shame that he's incapable of hitting a good down the line forehand when he pulls the opponent wide. He needs to get the footwork sorted because he's hitting both shots with an open stance.

  9. I would love to trade these two recent wins over Safin - or even either of the ones at the end of 2006 - for a win in the epic 5-setter against Safin at the US Open that Nalbandian ever so slightly lost.

  10. Chris, it looks like you are carrying lots of leftover pain from all of David's losses over the years, lol.

  11. Unfortunately, yes. I am biased, of course, but I have never seen anyone lose in such a painful BS fashion as Nalbandian in which you almost always walk away saying "he absolutely should have won that match" or else "had he only gotten by that one, he probably would have done something special".

  12. It's often nerve-racking and frustrating to be a David fan. But what makes it a lot easier, I think, is to not take it all too seriously or to keep thinking about past matches.

  13. LOL.....I don't think you should be talking about not taking it seriously. Your wonderful website doesn't help anyone to take it less seriously, for one thing. But, the point is, when you root for somebody passionately, it hurts when they lose. This is true for anyone.

    And, like I said, when Nalbandian loses, it really gives off a scent of "what could have been?" Take for example the Ferrer 2007 USO match. He has match point, and I am convinced almost beyond a shadow of a doubt that had he won that match he would have trounced Nadal the same way he did a couple months laters in Madrid and Paris, especially with how Nadal was struggling with his game and his knee injury at the time. Of course, Ferrer beat him in 4 sets but I think it would have really been a coming-out party for Nalbandian in rout to the semis at least.

  14. I really like that volley Nalbandian tried to win the match on at 0-40 6-5 on Safin's serve. That would be some way to win match point. Too bad it went wide.

  15. I think I should also add 2 other things to my penultimate post before this one:

    1) I think what makes being a fan of Nalbandian uniquely "nerve-racking and frustrating", as Julia put it, is that he has the type of talent that a person should never lose with, which always ensures that his matches will at the least be competitive if he's trying at all, but he has certainly holes in his game (such as low first-serve %, double faults, failing to serve out sets) which create a lot more drama and difficulty in his matches than there should be. In a nutshell, I like that is the reason for the anxiety that comes with watching his matches.

    2) What is perhaps most disappointing about the 2007 USO debacle is that Nalbandian could have had the chance to dismantle Nadal on center court in Ashe stadium in a night match. No better venue/stage/showcase to kick off a great run than that.

  16. I meant "certain" not "certainly" before "holes in his game".

  17. My blog is there to offer to info etc to fellow David fans. What they do with it, is up to them.

    But I always got the impression that most of those who post here share an approach that's similar to mine, when it comes to David and his matches. Which is to root for him very passionately - and yet to not take it all too seriously and be able to let it go again after the match. Even after bad loss. Because the most important thing is getting to watch David play. And I'm a fan because I love watching David play - enough to keep a blog about him. But that doesn't mean I'll be frustrated for years on end because of matches that he lost in the past.
    I've said it before, you can go on and on and on about those past matches and missed opportunities - and it won't change a thing. Not about what happened or about the player David is. Instead, all it'll do is keep you from enjoying what's there to enjoy. And I'm beginning to think it's also keeping others from posting in the comments section.

    Apart from that, this is the off-season. The time of year to sit back, relax, enjoy watching a couple of exho matches. Just saying.

  18. Well I'm sorry if I'm discouraging anyone from posting - I don't see how that makes any sense but if I am, I'm sorry about that. However, it is the off-season and as far as this website goes, a little extra discussion can't hurt. Once the season starts all that goes out the window with matches that count being played.

  19. Well, as far as this website goes, I think that having a bit of fun during the off-season after this chaotic year won't hurt.

  20. Well said Julia! I certainly follow the same approach you follow ;)

    By the way I got this via twitter and thought of sharing. Credit to @centac. Appologies if you've already seen it.

  21. Thanks Camilia. :)
    And no, that clip I didn't see before. (I posted one that was part of one of their videos - but a different one.) Nice clip! I might post it and translate what David says about his preparations there. Thanks for sharing.

    (And it's nice to see Chucho again - though in a new and different role now.)

  22. It would also help to not assume that had David won a certain match, that he would have gone on to do great things. Especially not early in the tournament like that 2nd round match against Safin in the US Open.

  23. I was thinking more of the 2007 US Open, Krystle. We saw what he did to Nadal later in the year, and I would have loved to see him get a re-match with Djokovic in the semis after the Montreal loss.

    Of course, in general we can't know what would have happened, but we can have a pretty good idea.